The Appeal of…Part III

Africa, where life began for us homo sapien sapiens. We evolved and grew from this place and then wandered out to, well in essence, where we are now. Both the world’s second largest and second most populous continent, Africa appears to me as distant as the moon, literally and figuratively. So many countries, so many cultures, so many rumours one hears of its state of being (true or not) and so many amazing animals. It is not a wonder that Africa attracts my attention.

I can thank my two BFFs for some of the incentive over the years. One BFF’s mother spent time in Africa many years ago. My other BFF actually lived in Africa for several years. From them I listened to tales about this great land mass. And finally, the biggest draw for me comes down to cats,BIG CATS. And elephants. And giraffes. And Timon and Pumbaa (come on, I loved The Lion King). So where do I plan to go?

The Appeal of:


Some of you will laugh, others will shake their heads and finally some will be agree wholeheartedly. I want to go to Tunisia to see the planet Tatooine. Yes, I want to visit Tunisia to see the Star Wars set. As I said here, my reasons for wanting to go somewhere are varied. It is a straightforward reason of why I mainly want to visit. The cities of Tunis and Sfax are a draw as well and it is accessible via ferry from Malta.

South Africa:

Remember how I said my BFF lived in Africa? Well, South Africa was one of those countries. Capetown to be exact. So, naturally, I want to visit the country where she spent so many years (and it would be great if she joined me – hint hint). I also want to know about the country that gave the world that great man, Nelson Mandela. 


Easy enough – I want to volunteer at N’a/an Kuse Foundation in Namibia (outside of Windhoek). They do wonderful work with wildlife (Carnivore Conservation, Wildlife Sanctuary) and the local San Bushmen (Lifelines Clinic, Clever Cubs School). Check out their Thank You Video for 2012 supporters:

Does that not look fantastic?? I will post my video up here when I go there.

Three continents down and 3 more to go. Next up is Asia!

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