The Appeal of…Part V

This next expanse is unique in that it is not only a continent but a  country as well. Yep, I am going to give my insight on a place I know I already love: Australia.

Since this continent is one vast country I will list where I will wander within it. As I stated above, I already know I will love this land. I could include other countries in the “Oceania” region, however, I am not making plans to visit them. With that, let us head to Oz.

The Appeal Of:


The capital city of Oz’s Northern Territory, this arid city is rich in history. And it is a stone’s throw from Indonesia so it makes a sensible entry point.


Beaches!! Camels!! Pearls!! Strikes me as fun playground and backpacker haven.


I like the west coast of Canada so I will check out the west coast of Australia. I believe Shark Bay is in the vicinity (or at least Perth is a good starting point to trek there). 


I am not sure I will make it near the centre of Oz or not. I hope I can as images of Uluru (Ayer’s Rock) are sheer beauty to me as the world’s largest monolith and revered sacred place of  the Aboriginals. 


Kinda sounds like Vancouver……


The main reason is to visit a few friends in the area. And to see the Sydney Opera House. That is a cool building.

I can not pinpoint what draws me to Australia oh-so-badly. I have wanted to explore (and live) there for years. There is no single BIG reason and my descriptions above are mediocre at best. Yet I know I must visit. That is the real appeal of Australia – to just follow my desire.

Five down, one more to go….finally, South America!

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