The Camino de Santiago de Campostela – “The Way of St James”. A long name for a long pilgrimage. Referred to simply as “The Camino”  this age old pilgrimage begins at the Pyrenees Mountains in southwestern France and winds its way across the landscape of northern Spain on it’s most popular route. Twisting its way through green fields, bustling city streets and rocky outcrops it terminates at the cathedral of Santiago de Campostela, clear across the country in Galicia, Spain. Although there are many routes along The Camino, the most familiar route takes pilgrims roughly a month to traverse the trail. Dotting the way are “refugios” or refuges for weary pilgrims to lay their heads.

Camino de Santiago

When I first learned of The Camino I was instantly intrigued. Why would one want to do such a trek? Could I do such a trek? There are oodles of reasons that thousands upon thousands make this journey. Some for religious reasons, others to see if they can do it and even more to find themselves on the way. My reason? Simply to see if I can do it….and bragging rights: “I walked across the north of Spain…oh yeah.”  Well not entirely but would be cool to make that proclamation. So in several years, once my RTW trip has been completed my next adventurous goal is The Way of St James. The question is – are you coming with me?

Photo credit: Ron Albers (Flickr)


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