Here you will find some facts about Canada and links to useful sites about visiting Canada. The information posted below is up-to-date at time of posting. Please check appropriate government website for most accurate information. Welcome! Bienvenue!

Note*: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic Canada has restrictions and conditions in place Please click here for updated information.


Here are a few things to know when planning a visit to our country. Please check what the entry requirements are for your country. Please note that entry from many countries now require an eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) even though a visa is not required. You can find information on entry requirements here.

    • Canadian Dollar
    • Symbol: $
    • Code: CAD
    • Notes: $5, $10, $20, $50, $100
    • Coins: ¢5, ¢10, ¢25, $1, $2
    • Did you know?
      • Canada no longer uses pennies (¢1 or $0.01)
      • $1 coins are called “loonies”
      • $2 coins are called “toonies”
    • 120 V with 60 Hz
    • Electric sockets are Type A and B (plugs being 2 or 3 pronged)
    • You may need an adapter for your electric plugs
    • If your electric items are not dual voltage or 120 V you will need a voltage converter
    • Driving is on the right-hand side of the road
    • A valid driver’s license is required from your home country to drive a car
    • Alternatively an International Driving Permit (IDP) issued from your home country is also valid
    • Alcohol and drug-impaired driving in Canada carries stiff penalties including fines and jail time
    • It is illegal to driver in Canada without car insurance. If you rent a car make sure you have appropriate insurance
    • Canada is on the metric system so distance and speeds are in kilometres
    • Legal drinking age is 19 years of age except in Alberta, Manitoba, and Quebec where it is 18 years of age
      • Valid government-issued photo ID is required to enter bars or buy alcohol
    • GST Tax (Goods & Services Tax)
      • is added to most good and services at 5% AFTER the price listed
      • some provinces have combined GST to their provincial sales tax and is referred to as HST (Harmonized Sales Tax)
      • Other provinces charge GST and PST (Provincial Sales Tax) separately
    • Gratuities/Tipping
      • are rarely included in the price when in restaurants and bars
      • 15% -20% on the pre-tax amount is customary
      • some establishments may add an automatic gratuity on group bookings
      • Tipping is not required though it is considered impolite to not tip
    • Cannabis
      • Legal age to carry, share, buy, and grow cannabis is 18 years of age (some provinces and territories my have further restrictions)
      • Purchasing must be from licenced & legal distrubtors
      • Limits as to the amount one can possess are in place
    • It’s cold in the winter and lots of snow!
    • It can get hot in the summer – humid in some areas and dry in others
    • Except Vancouver and Vancouver Island where it rains in the spring, fall, winter, and summers are moderate
    • Canada’s north is great for seeing the Northern Lights in the winter and experience Midnight Sun in the summer


  • It’s BIG! It’s the world’s 2nd largest country by area
  • But our population is small by comparison with 38 million inhabitants
  • It has the world’s longest coastline
  • Canada & the USA share the longest international land border
  • Canada is divided into 10 provinces and 3 territories
  • We have a parliamentary government
  • We are one of the 15 Commonwealth countries
  • Canada has 6 times zone (we’re that big!)
  • The national sports are Lacrosse (summer) and Ice Hockey (winter)
  • Our national animal is the beaver
  • Our flag is cool – it has a maple leaf
  • Canada’s indigenous peoples are the First Nations, Inuit, and Métis
  • French and English are the official languages
  • Canada has a Multiculturalism Act to help preserve and celebrate cultural diversity

Information listed is for general informational purposes. Please refer to the links provided (current at time of posting) for up-to-date and valid information.

Northern BC, Canada – taken and owned by Eeva Valiharju / Wanders the World

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