The Map Project – Berlin, Germany

Here is the next installment of The Map Project. Below is a photo of my contributors and the map they follow. Today we will be hearing from Deklan and his impressions of Berlin, Germany. Thanks Deklan and I wish I had tried the pastry. --------------------------------------------------- Hi. It's Deklan. Eeva flew from Dublin to Berlin on... Continue Reading →


Some structures remain the same over the years while other change, figuratively speaking. Today's city has one of those monuments.  Constructed between 1788 and 1791, Berlin's Brandenburg Gate was originally erected as a city gate and represented peace. Years passed as did governments and rulers. Since then the gate has symbolized triumph, victory, militarism, division and now... Continue Reading →

I am famous in Germany

"You're famous in Germany Eeva." Well at least according to my (Couchsurfing) friend, Alisa.Alisa, an enthusiasic, fun-loving blonde from Bavaria is the creator/author of a project called "Dear Google, What is Life?"  In this project, she has taken the concept of how we use and rely on Google for everyday searches to a philosophical level: "What... Continue Reading →

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