Sunday Special – Louvre Museum, Paris

Paris' crowning museum is, of course, the Louvre Museum (Musée du Louvre). It's not the world's largest as far as museums go - that title belongs the Smithsonian in Washington, DC. It is however, the world's largest art museum (and the world's second largest museum overall). A mind-boggling 38,000 paintings, sculptures, and artifacts spanning millennia... Continue Reading →

Sunday Special – La Mano de Punta del Este (or The Hand of Punta del Este) – Uruguay

Since February 1982, Uruguay's Punta del Este has been home to this famous sculpture by Chilean artist Mario Irarrázabal. Located on Brava Beach, in the popular resort town, stands the concrete and plastic statue of fingers struggling out of its sandy location. Irarrázabal created the iconic artwork during the first International Meeting of Modern Sculpture in the Open... Continue Reading →

Sunday Special – Chicago, U.S.A.

The Windy City. The Second City. Birthplace of the skyscraper and a city filled with some great architecture. Home to deep-dish pizza, Italian beef sandwiches and Chicago-style hotdogs where ketchup on a 'dog is unheard of. Add a thriving theatre district, funky neighbourhoods, museums and art everywhere plus a waterfront view of Lake Michigan and... Continue Reading →

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