Sunday Special – Pic Paradis Mountain, Saint-Martin

Let's continue on with the Sunday Special focusing on destinations I have visited. Today we head to a small island in the Caribbean. This unique locale in the Caribbean's Lesser Antilles is the shared island of Saint-Martin (French) and Sint Maarten (Dutch). This beautiful place is the smallest island shared by two countries. I was... Continue Reading →

Sunday Special – La Brea Pitch Lake, Trinidad & Tobago

Not a place that is traditionally considered pretty, nonetheless, Pitch Lake in Trinidad's southwest city of La Brea is something of an unusual natural occurrence. It is the world's largest "pitch lake" - there are only three in existence - and is filled with approximately 10, 000, 000 tons of pitch (asphalt). Guided to it... Continue Reading →


As the fluffy snow has gently fallen over Greater Vancouver under gray skies I am envisioning tropical locales with increased frequency. As picturesque as this winter scene appears I am saddened and desperately praying it melts quickly, as snow is my nemesis. Snowboarders and skiers alike can have it all they want so long as it only falls on... Continue Reading →

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