Sunday Special – Marble Caves of General Carrera Lake, Chile

The South American country of Chile is rather long - spanning 4,270 km / 2,653 miles. With such length the topography is quite varied. Towards the southernmost section is the well-known area of Patagonia, which Chile shares with Argentina. Mountains, desserts, plains, lakes, rivers, islands, glaciers, plateaus and caves can be found in this region... Continue Reading →

Sunday Special – La Brea Pitch Lake, Trinidad & Tobago

Not a place that is traditionally considered pretty, nonetheless, Pitch Lake in Trinidad's southwest city of La Brea is something of an unusual natural occurrence. It is the world's largest "pitch lake" - there are only three in existence - and is filled with approximately 10, 000, 000 tons of pitch (asphalt). Guided to it... Continue Reading →


Crater lakes (also called volcanic lakes or calderas) are large depressions formed in a volcano after an eruption. They may also be formed at sites of meteor crashes or man-made implosions. As rain falls the deep impressions are filled with water resulting in some incredible sites of nature in an isolated locale. The presence of... Continue Reading →

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