The wettest city in Canada

Although Canada’s wettest city is in BC, it is not Vancouver. It is Prince Rupert, BC. A port city on the northwestern coast of BC, just north of the mouth of the Skeena River. Now I am going to just go with what they say about it being the wettest city but personally have never experienced that. I say that because in the half dozen times or so that I have visited it has never rained. In fact it has been quite sunny. Sometimes cool but always sunny. Granted I was always there in the summer or late spring so perhaps that is why. Though according to my family who lived there for about year, it felt more like 10 years due to all the rain and overcast days. Which is why they moved to sunnier pastures approx 150 km/85 miles east to Terrace, BC. So with my visits to my family and a 5 month spell in the spring & summer of 2007 when I lived in Terrace I made a point of incorporating day trips to Prince Rupert. It’s a great little picturesque town on the backdrop of some amazing scenery. Truthfully my favourite part is always the drive along The Yellowhead Hwy (Hwy 16) between the two towns. It’s winds along the coast of the Skeena River on one side and Coast Mountains on the other. Although the drive is approximately 90 min it usually takes longer as I insist on stopping to take photos of the breathtaking scenery:

The Yellowhead Hwy enroute to Prince Rupert in August 2008.
We just crossed over this bridge and took a right and found this spot which is boat launch. The Skeena River has some great (salmon) fishing. This spot is not far from Terrace.

 just about 2 km outside of Prince Rupert. It is modelled after the first Shoe Tree near Port Hardy on Vancouver Island. And no, I haven’t nailed my shoes here…yet.
Once in Prince Rupert, I almost always go to Cow Bay Village. This area, which is right on the water has some great shops, restaurants, art galleries, coffee shops, pubs and the like. Much of it is  built right over the water. You get the sense that you’ve stepped back into time with the restored heritage buildings and marine and rail themes – a testament to days gone by.
Another area that I enjoy is walking along the rail tracks along the harbour. Mariner’s Park is another place that I like to wander around. Then
perhaps do some shopping downtown. There are some great trails around the city and outside too. And it’s an accessible city: drive, bus, plane or ferry (from Vancouver Island and the Queen Charlotte Islands.
Port of Prince Rupert
Old Rail Station

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