Just wanted to post really quick as I haven’t really had time to in the recent days. That’s because I’ve been busy working & preparing for my trip to Hawaii. I leave TOMORROW!!! A trip that I booked back in April has finally arrived. Am I excited? Yes, of course. I’ve never been to Hawaii and it’s been just over 2 years since I was on a holiday out of the country. But in addition to being excited, I am also very nervous. This will be a solo trip and that is something I have not done in years!! And this is a solo trip different from past ones. Previously I volunteered at a summer camp in northern California at the age of 19. Then 2 years later I went to England with a church group to volunteer setting up a youth program. Both those times I was going to something where I’d meet an organized group. This time I’m just going on holidays. I am reassurred thought that I will meet people as I have set up to meet 2 people through Couchsurfing to show me around. Thank goodness for CS!!  Well I have to go to my last day of work before holidays. I will write and post about the island of Oahu and time there!


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