Visiting Family and Friends

When I was enrolled in the Travel and Tourism Administration program at Confederation College many, many years ago I learned that VFF travel (Visiting Family and Friends) is one of the main reasons people take to the skies (or the road). And that is what I recently did – I visited my big sis up in Terrace, BC. It was also a timely visit.


Some of you know that I recently had to put my beloved cat of over 19 years to sleep. I have had him since he was a kitten and he was my “fur baby” – a constant, loving companion all those years. It was his time – he was old and he had stopped eating and drinking and was in pain. It was a sad day for me and those who knew and loved his zany yet sweet personality. So I was grateful that I had a getaway and be away from my apartment where I still expect to find Cairo. It was not only great to see my sister and her friends but also the 5 pets that inhabit her home. Yep 5!! 2 dogs (Takla and Copper, both Labs) and 3 cats (1 timid black/white cat named Echo and 2 long-haired orange tabbies named Coho and Trout). So I saw friendly faces, both in people and animals and it helped me to deal with my loss.

Found in Northern British Columbia, Terrace is located approximately 1.5 hours east of Prince Rupert by car and 45 min north of Kitimat, BC (final spot of the proposed controversial Enbridge Pipeline). It is nestled in the snow-capped Coast Mountains with the Skeena River running nearby. For a northern city, it actually has some great summer weather. This year was no exception. It was sunny and around 25 – 27C with little humidity. My sister had told me to expect to get my heart pumping and my muscles moving. No lie there. We hiked Terrace Mountain twice, walked the dogs at Ferry Island and out behind the airport. We also did some shopping and had her friends over for a BBQ and bonfire. That kept me busy. I also got some sun onto my shoulders, which, thankfully evened out my golfers/farmers tan! In addition to walking the dogs I also groomed them and the cats, gave them treats and basically got some good pet love! All in all, it was a great trip seeing my sister, being active, eating good food and getting that unconditional affection that pets give without reservation. 

Below are some pictures from my trip…mainly of the pets. I did not bring my camera with on the hikes. Even if I had I was too busy looking at the winding, rocky, root-lined trail and wiping the sweat off my face to even bother with pictures!! LOL!

Walking the dogs, behind the airport
View of the mountains (airport behind me)

Takla & Copper sniffing everything!
Trout a.k.a “Trouble”

Ferry Island trail
One of many carvings on Ferry Island trail

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