Screams in the Night

A dark industrial area on a gloomy, rainy Vancouver night. Nervous bodies walk down a dimly lit back street. Sounds of screams pierce the dark while creatures of the night sneak about, seeking their next victim. Around the corner you are welcomed to the dankness of “The Daily Grime”, a place where souls are lined up to experience blood curdling horror of a wicked, twisted imagination. You are at the Dunbar Haunted House.

The Daily Grime

Dunbar Haunted House has been spooking and scaring Vancouverites since 2004. Family-run and created to celebrate Hallowe’en, Dunbar Haunt has supported BC Professional Fire Fighter’s Burn Fund, The Christmas Bureau and the Vancouver Police Union Charity Foundation for several years. Last year to the tune of $67,000. This year will be sure to beat that as the popularity of this annual event is larger than ever.

Dunbar Haunted House
My first visit to Dunbar Haunted House was four years ago at their former location, a residential house on Dunbar Street. With a wait of maybe twenty minutes (on a weeknight) and admission by donation my friends and I entered this small house of horror. It was a thrill for the senses and amusement for my friends as I screamed my head off (not because I was scared…I was just startled by monsters jumping out at me!!) This year’s visit and my third one to the haunt over the years was by far the most memorable. The line up at their new location was enormous and we waited almost an hour. Covered tents were set up to keep everyone dry from the rain while costumed volunteers and a band kept spirits light. The theme of “The Daily Grime” was evident outside the warehouse with props, light, actors and signage. The dark and rain naturally created a mildly spooky ambiance. As our group of seven inched closer to the start of the tour we became giddier and wondering who was going to be freaked out the most. We split into two groups so that we could experience the haunting fully. I was, once again, put in the front of the line. It was indeed a scream-fest! More accurately it was a scream-and-laugh-fest. You knew what would be coming but you still screamed, jumped and laughed nonetheless. It was a well spend $10 and having it go for charity was worth it. I highly recommend Dunbar Haunted House to everyone who enjoys a good haunting.

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