Ask any number of my friends about one of my skilled traits (and one they benefit from) and they would attest to my being a planner. I take pleasure in organizing people for activities on a small scale. I plan things I like to do and help others when they ask. I also, to a degree, plan my days and weeks. Hiccups and turmoil do not work well with me as I am easily flustered so having things organized keeps me sane!  To be clear, I do enjoy spontaneity, however it is chaos that causes me stress so planning allows me to stay level for the most part. 

This is also true of my travel ideas and plans. And to plan one requires trusted resources. For myself I have found Bootsnall to be my “go to” website. This site may sound familiar to you as I have mentioned it in previous posts. Since I find it to be the best indie travel site EVER, I am giving it its own special post (aren’t I thoughtful??)

Bootsnall is an online travel magazine, blog, community and resource centre for anyone who wants to do indie travel. The site encompasses numerous factors regarding travel. Among them are destinations, accommodations, transportation, travel planning tools (financial, home, job considerations etc), discussion forums, adventure travel, RTWchats on Twitter and a section for travelers to post profiles of themselves. They even have a flight-finder that is fun to play on.  I do use other sites and mediums but I find Bootsnall to be so great because it is all there in one site.

Well, now I just need to move on from planning to the going….I know I sound like a broken record ~sigh~. I will get there and in the meantime I will use this site to my full advantage so that I can learn to become an Indie Traveler.

Here is their Indie Travel Manifesto:

Note: I am in no way affiliated with Bootsnall and all opinions are my own.

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