The use of  exaggeration in our vernacular carries some interest. In trying to make a point we often use words incorrectly: “I’m so far behind I’ll have reports coming out my yin yang”. Since when is “yin yang” a part of, well I don’t know what? Or we combine words that express the magnitude of something: “It cost like, a bazillion dollars”. That is not a number. Then there is the reference to some imaginary far off place: “That’s across town. It’s like going from here to Timbuktu”.  So where would this hypothetical place be anyways? But there IS a place called Timbuktu! And that is locale for today’s photos.

Timbuktu is a city in the West African country of Mali, situated on the edge of the Sahara Desert, north of the Niger River. Maintaining a permanent settlement in the 12th century, Timbuktu has seen its share of prosperity, empires, wars, educational affluence, colonialism, and independence. Despite its storied past, sadly Timbuktu is one of the poorest areas in the world. 

Today I am posting two photos since I could not choose between them. The photographer is very skilled and I recommend that you follow the credits link below or click the photos themselves to see some of his fabulous work. This is not a referral or anything like that, I just really like his photos and hope you do as well.

timbuktu view

This is a view of Timbuktu near its market.

sankore mosque/madrasah

This is Sankore Mosque/Madrasah, one of three such ancient centres of learning and their designated mosques found in Timbuktu.

Recently, the city has seen more turmoil and pain with rebellions and a military coup. These events have damaged parts this UNESCO World Heritage Site and even worse, has had human casualties. 

Both photos are from Flickr and are owned and copyrighted by rajarajaraja

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