Today is July 1. Canada Day. My favourite holiday. I love birthdays and I love Canada so the two together is awesome. This year, however is not as joyous as years past. This year is kinda sucky. This was supposed to be the day that I start my big adventure. HA – I am not so lucky.

Little over a year ago I made a proclamation right here on this blog. I followed through on what so many had suggested I do – pick a date! I did. I picked today, July 1, 2013. And here I sit in my living room with no goal attained. Disheartening it is. 

Me, crying

So why did you not go away you ask. Well the polar opposite happened of what I anticipated. It was akin to a ginormous boulder placed on my path. One that I had trouble going around or over. I oft hear that if you visualize your dream it will happen. Set a plan and a goal, set a date. I  did that and I get squat. It is frustrating and disconcerting (stomping feet and shaking my fists)!! 

So that is how I feel today. I will still enjoy this day because it is a great day for a great country. I know that much of my previous situation has changed, as have I. I continue to learn, continue to plan and I will go. I am just sad that today was not the day.

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