Zzzzzzz……huh? Wha…oh (rubbing sleepy eyes). Uh, hi there. I was just snoozing, enjoying dreamland. For me, dreaming is the best part of sleeping. I remember my dreams. The swirling colours, surreal backdrops, and my skin tingling from feeling the air or water around me. My senses envelope me while I dream. Bizarre scenarios, complex situations and unbelievable feats swim around my sleeping mind. Usually weird, sometimes scary and always interesting I trust my dreams, at times, to give way to deeper concerns of my heart and mind. A particular good (or bad) dream even has the ability to affect my mood on occasion. Not often but it happens now and again. 

The recurring dream is the one that shows me an underlying current. I have two. They are not recurring on a nightly basis but a couple times a year. Different situations yet the same outcome. One I’ve had since I was a teen. An irrational dream that my close friends no longer wish to have any contact with me. Irrational because I have strong friendships that are years and years old with those who I have had in this recurring (bad dream). 

The other recurrence began when I truly realized that my RTW trip could actually happen for me. That was a number of years ago. Once I put it out there, started thinking, planning and musing the dreams began. Frantically running through airports, losing my passport, held up in security and missing airport gate changes resulted in me devastated that my goal was crumbling in front of me. The panic, sadness and disappointment I feel in those dreams wrench at my heart. I would silently wonder why my brain would present these visions to me. I suspect it is fear. Fear of reaching my goal, fear of change, fear of moving forward….who knows?

Then something changed…

A few weeks ago I had a dream that I was in Australia enjoying an easy hike. Days later I had a dream that I was at a train station in Germany, about to board a train that would eventually take me to Bulgaria. The other night I was in France and decided my next stop would be Spain. Understand that I rarely dream of travel, at least not in the past several years. It has only been dreams of missing the plane. I never make it on the plane. Now I haven’t made it on the plane in my dreams (yet) but I have made it somewhere. I am moving forward in these dreams, I am travelling, I am going. That space in my head where my dreams formulate knows

the possibilities now. How cool is that?

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