Happy Thursday!

And why not? Actually I have been in a good mood all week (despite the fact that I have an infected spider bite on my left leg). Nothing out of the ordinary has occurred. My day-to-day routine has remained at the status-quo. A few perks are in the works (Vegas for $220 all-in for January to celebrate bestie Trina’s bday) and I am off work after today for three days with plans for yoga, a free art show and some yummy cooking times. But that is not why I am in a good mood. 

Not that I need a reason to be happy, however, I suspect it is due to a few choices I have made internally. The other day my other bestie R (I am blessed and thankful to have several close friends, both near and far) sent a text of an article about intention, vibration and visualizing your life. I liked what it said. I have thinking and vocalizing my RTW trip as if it is all organized and going to happen – which it is in my mind. I am making choices to affect it coming to fruition.  That is the deciding factor. That has made it happen. What an incredible, powerful intention. 

Happy Thursday everyone. 

This is what she sent…sounds good to me

Photo credit: Wordly Minds

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