These are a few of my favourite things blogs (at the moment).
I admit that some of the blogs I read fall out of my favour. Or the authors do not write something for quite some time (that holds a familiar tone..LOL). What can I say, I’m flighty at times.

Nonetheless, these are the blogs that I am enjoying. Some do belong to friends and others do not. Perhaps you will some in here that can enjoy.

My favourite blogs:

1. Bootsnall – Actually, I prefer their website as it is a cornucopia of information for the indie traveler. Their blog is usually a brief statement of their Twitter chats or snippets of what is on their website

2. So Many Places – This is, by far, my favourite blog to read. I have been following Kim for over a year and even read all her archived posts. Kim and her husband Brian sold everything and took off to travel. I enjoy her writing style and keeping up with their adventures. 

3.  Love The Fold – I came across this blog by accident. Posted by “Oldy on Foldly” it chronicles his group trips in SE Asia on folding bikes. Although I do not cycle, I appreciate his writing, photos and zeal for these journey’s when they happen. 

4. Wandering Dragon – Jennifer is a good friend if mine, which is why I began reading her blog. Ends up she is a talented writer who paints a picture in my mind’s eye with her words.

5. E-Tramping – I learned of this blog from Instagram. The duo of Agness and Cez posted some great photos there and I began to follow them. Their profile has a link to their blog and here I am, a fan of their work.

Others I enjoy:

6. Chrystal Clear – Another blog that I stumbled upon. I initially took interest in it because the author, Chrystal, is from the city I grew up in. Sadly though, she has not written as often as previously.

7. Wandering Sasquatch – Inspired by his wife’s blog (So Many Places, mentioned above) Brian started his own blog about their travel and the ever elusive sasquatch.
8. World Wide Walkaboot – Written by one of my Couch Surfing friends, Ryan and his GF Christie, I have followed their adventures over the past year.

9. Cape to Kathmandu – Alpheus is an acquaintance I made through a mutual Couch Surfing friend and learned of his blog on Facebook. He traveled a portion of this trip with his friends through Africa. The photos alone make this blog worth reading.

10. The Bright Side – Another Couch Surfing aquaintance, Chloe has a refreshing and funny writing style. Although I have not seen her in years I do enjoy reading about her life tales.

11. Secrets In My Suitcase – Just as I was getting to know Rolla she packs up her husband and herself all the way to Paris. Partly jealous and partly sad she left I am following her on her blog.

There you have it. My rather extensive list of blogs I follow. Now they are not all updated daily, which is actually good as I would never keep up. I read these mainly on my phone on my long commute to work – great way to pass the time.

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