Oops…maybe this post should be called “Monday’s Magic Moment” – sorry for the delay

“Baby it’s cold outside”. Well it is officially December and a frosty winter season for Northern Hemisphere countries. Even moderately weathered Vancouver has been a bit chillier than normal. To help warm your souls I will be posting warmer destinations for the next several weeks. Enjoy! I know I will.

I have, over the years, heard many things about Thailand. Mouthwatering food, pristine beaches, tropical weather, inexpensive traveling, and steeped in history it offers something for most anyone. Often included in the descriptions and lists of “what to do” of Thailand is the infamous Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan. Although this is not a “spot”, so to speak, it is something that is synonymous with this SE Asian locale.

What started out as a small party on the eve of the full moon in 1985 has turned into an enormous beach dance party (or rave) of over 10,000 – 20,000 fluorescent painted Western party-goers. World-class deejay’s mix music over dozens of sound systems, food stalls line the beaches and cheap drinks are available everywhere. It is one big party from sunset to sunrise with plenty of fun to had and memories made. Information and guidelines can be found on several websites. I guess with a party of this scale it is prudent and always use common sense and overindulging is best kept at bay. Check out Rough Guides Survivor Guide and Full Moon website for info, tips and survival know-how.

Drop In Bar, Full Moon Party Night

It is not for everyone that is certain, however, it would be a sight to see. Would I attend? I can not say. Dancing on the beach would be fun but 10,000+ people may be too big of a crowd for my tastes. Perhaps if the opportunity presented itself I would decide then. I will just wait and see.

Photo credit: Flickr – Brendan007

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