As the fluffy snow has gently fallen over Greater Vancouver under gray skies I am envisioning tropical locales with increased frequency. As picturesque as this winter scene appears I am saddened and desperately praying it melts quickly, as snow is my nemesis. Snowboarders and skiers alike can have it all they want so long as it only falls on the mountains. The white I prefer to see is that of white sand beaches…

Jamaica, synonymous with lush tropical landscape, reggae beats and delectable spicy foods, is where we head today. I visited Jamaica a number or years ago and have not easy forgotten it’s beauty and the warmth of the Caribbean sun on my skin. A resort haven, Jamaica has easily become a honeymoon mecca for newly weds. But do not let that stop you. This, the third largest island in the Caribbean, has much to offer vacationers of every type. Their tourism board even has a “Meet The People” program if you want a more local feel and learn about the Jamaican way of life.

Doctor’s Cave Beach Club, Montego Bay, Jamaica

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons – Public Domain

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