Season’s Greetings everyone (that includes all holidays at this time year, not just Christmas). I hope this finds you all well and happy. I had a very good Christmas which was spent with friends who I consider family. And of course, I did go to the movies on Christmas day, as per my tradition. FYI, “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” is good and has some sensational scenery!

As it is Boxing Day here in Canada I am spending the day at home eating leftovers, putting away the Christmas decorations (hey, I have a very small apartment and am craving the space the tree takes up!) and going through some of my items. I will begin sifting through things I do not need and will tote them up the street to the local Salvation Army. It is their annual Boxing Day 50% off sale so I know they are open. This actually marks the start of my downsizing before I leave on my RTW trip in 2014. Why am I doing this you ask? It is a two-fold situation. The main reason is it will save me time. If I did it all at once I will be inundated with choices and feel the pressure of everything else going on. I want to feel the excitement of my upcoming trip and have less stress. Secondly, I will have the time to sell items online that may fetch me some extra cash and/or give some items to friends who will find use for them. 

There you have it. I am beginning to downsize as of today. Starting with a number of Christmas decorations and some clothing. Look out Salvation Army as I will be donating on a regular basis!!  

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