We wish we could have it all. Ya know, have our cake and eat it too. The reality is that life does not always work like that. It may in some situations but sometimes you just have to make sacrifices. You pick A over B, you make a choice as to what you really want. This I have learned rather slowly but now is the time to stop making excuses if I am to attain what I want. What I want is to save up enough money for my RTW trip.

Now, it does sound simple: Save more than you spend and you get a surplus. It truly is simple. The difficulty comes in wanting to save AND partake in activities and events  with friends that cost $$$. There is nothing wrong with that but if I am to save my money, especially since my income fluctuates weekly, I need to make some choices. I can do both and postpone my trip for a few years or increase my savings while scaling back activities. Since I refuse to do the former, the latter is what I will pursue.

What does this all mean in practical terms. It means that I will still have a life but will be much more specific in my activity choices. More thought and less fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants. I will pick and chose what social activities I want to take part in. Dining out will decrease, I will use my SCENE points for movies, take advantage of discounts and find fun yet inexpensive ways to bond with my friends and enjoy my time. That extra I will save and spend on my dream trip.

So, friends of mine that are reading this, do know that I enjoy spending time with you but if I say ‘no’ to an activity or suggest a walk or less expensive option do not take it personally. I have my sights on a life dream and that means staying in just a bit more. It is a small sacrifice but one I am willing to make. I hope you can work with me on this one.


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