In a couple days time I will be headed to Las Vegas to celebrate my best friend’s birthday. And what a way to do it, after all, Vegas is known as “Sin City”!! Although we do not plan to get crazy it will be great to get away. We decided that we wanted to do ‘Vegas on the cheap’ so we have researched various free and inexpensive activities. We even found a place offering $3.00 bellini’s and another with $2.00 margaritas! We check out those places I am certain. I will post later about our finds (though that will be all since you are well aware of “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”, LOL).

This upcoming trip has me not only me researching events and activities but also partaking in my pre-trip plans, or even rituals. You know, the stuff you do before every trip you take. For some it may be throwing items into a bag just prior to take-off. Others plan weeks in advance, checking things off their list in a meticulous pattern. I tend to fall more towards the checklist. What can I say, I enjoy planning. Additionally I have a pet that will require care in my absence. That requires forethought. Over the years I have developed some ‘pre-trip rituals’. Take a look:

  • pulling out the suitcase days before and tossing items to pack as I come across them
  • always having an arsenal of travel size toiletries
  • ample supplies if cat food and litter plus an overly detailed list of pet care instructions
  • pack most things the day before and then re-pack them (I do not know why I partake in this idiosyncrasy, but I do)
  • have a dream that I have left my passport behind or miss my flight, cuz no trip is complete without that šŸ˜›
  • forget something…

What pre-trip rituals do you have?

My cat’s ritual is to lounge on my luggage.


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