Very recently India has loosened its procedures for gaining Visas. Visas on arrival are being phased in for the citizens of over 180 countries. You can read about it in The Times of India. To celebrate I have chosen India as today special spot for travel inspiration.

Located in the city of Delhi is the relatively new but nonetheless stunning Akshardham Temple. Housed on 90 acres of land, the temple is designed in the ancient Hindu architectural style. It celebrates thousands of years of Indian tradition, spirituality and culture. One can spend hours discovering its beauty in the form of gardens, boat rides, fountains, monuments and even film. Blended with old and new, the Swaminarayan Akshardham was opened in November 2005.

Ashardam Temple in Delhi, India
Ashardam Temple in Delhi, India

This temple is one of Delhi’s largest tourist draws. Entry into the temple and two of the gardens is free. There is a fee to visit the ‘Hall of Values’, for the boat ride and the theatre. Learn more here.

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons – Stanislav Sedov and Dmitriy Moiseenko


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    1. I saw that rule posted on their website. It is a shame, though, at times it is good to take a break from the lens. It does look incredible. Thanks for stopping by.


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