I sit here on my couch watching large fluffy snowflakes quietly floating to the soaked ground below. An unusual sight in Greater Vancouver and one I would rather not experience. My preferred form of white stuff is that which makes up sand beaches, like those found in Cancun, Mexico.

It has been years since I have had a vacation in Cancun and this weekend I find my mind wandering to its sunny skies, blue waters and the area’s historical sites. Cancun is a major tourist destination. It is filled with resorts, shops, restaurants and bars. A small coastal city in the eastern state of Quintana Roo, it has a backyard of miles and miles of beaches, glorious powder beaches. It was this area that prompted the Mexican government to begin development of an extensive hotel zone in 1970. It is now a bustling tourist zone. Sometimes that is just what I want – a room at an all-inclusive resort, fun water sports, a cool drink with a decorative umbrella and beach time – a vacation.

Cancun's Hotel Zone, Mexico
Cancun’s Hotel Zone, Mexico

A sensational spot for a vacation. Additionally, there are a number of archaeological sites in the area and a visit to Cancun city gives one a better feel of the real Mexico.

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons –  Irving Huertas

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