What Travel Means Series – Week #3

Hello and welcome to week 3 of the of guest authors. As I mentioned here, the authors are friends of mine, people I know and like. I asked them to sum up in their own words and style what travel means to them and a favourite place (or two).
Today’s guest author is Jean Lehmann. Jean is another friend I have made through Vancouver’s Couchsurfing community. I met her and her husband Richard at a weekly event several years ago. They had returned to Canada after living for several years in Chengdu, China. Jean has a sense of adventure and a wonderful outgoing spirit.

Travel means ADVENTURE.  Nothing beats going to a place and the unexpected occurs.

My first trip was to the Mayan Rivera. I did the 5 star resort and it was beautiful. I paid $100 per mini excursion that always ended In a gift shop.  On the second last day we were out of money, bored, sitting on the plastic lounge chairs watching a group of people do water aerobics.  As the drink server walked by we asked him if we can get to Tulum cheaper than $75.00. He stated we just go to the end of the road then catch a 20 peso bus ride directly to Tulum.  Since then I have never stayed at a 5 star resort and am always looking for adventure.

I went back to Mexico this past year, rented a car and drove to the mountains. Tasted great tequila.  Met an employee of the tequila tasting who needed a ride into the city to play a soccer game.  He makes 500 peso a game. I gave him a ride. I was so nervous and don’t recommend it unless you have great judge of character.  However, he was great. He taught me about Mexico’s politics and his relationship with the mob.

I don’t have a favourite country – I have adventures and great memories that will be with me forever.

Puerto Vallarta region, Mexico
Puerto Vallarta region, Mexico
Puerto Vallarta region, Mexico
Puerto Vallarta region, Mexico

Photos taken and owned by Jean and Richard Lehmann. Used with permission.

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