The scandinavian country of Norway is famous for its incredible fjord-filled western coastline. Although fjords are found in other world locales it is often Norway that comes to mind when  picturing these stunning glacier created narrows. Lysefjord, in the southwestern section of the country is one of the most famous of Norway’s fjords. A rocky terrain with near vertical rock walls, the fjord extends an lengthy 42 km/(26 mi). For those wanting to encounter spectacular views, a two hour hike from the parking lot on a marked trail will lead to Lysefjord’s infamous “Pulpit Rock” (Preikestolen). This natural outcropping offers breathless vistas and perhaps an uneasy stomach as there are no barriers along the edges.

Norway's Lysefjord with "Pulpit Rock"
Norway’s Lysefjord with “Pulpit Rock”

Isolated in the wintery photo above, the summer brings onlookers in droves to view this example of nature’s remarkable beauty.

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons – Alexander Mitew (user Lexifoto)



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