Personally, I find cemeteries to be peaceful, quiet places. A time to meander through the past, taking a glimpse of lives now elapsed. I have visited cemeteries in my hometown, my current town, Sweden and the famed Pere Lachaise in Paris. When I finally make my way to New Orleans, Louisiana (USA) I will visit it’s Lafayette Cemetery No 1 to learn a bit of the Big Easy’s past.

When the fourth district of New Orleans was still the City of Lafayette, on the grounds of an old sugar plantation this now well-known cemetery was opened in 1833. It is New Orleans oldest and cares for the remains of immigrants from over 25 countries and numerous states. There was never any segregation of religion, race or ethnic background in this resting place. A walk through it shows mausoleums, wall vaults and headstones speaking of the past lives of New Orleans.

Lafayette Cemetery No. 1, New Orleans, LA, USA
Lafayette Cemetery No. 1, New Orleans, LA, USA


Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons – User: Russavia

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