North America’s five freshwater Great Lakes are a wonder in themselves. Four of the five Great Lakes are shared between Canada and the USA (the fifth, Lake Michigan is in the USA in its entirety) and are the gateway to the Atlantic Ocean by way of the St Lawrence River. Many cities and towns are found along the lakes, including my hometown of Thunder Bay, situated on Lake Superior in northwestern Ontario. Clear across the province on the eastern shore of Lake Huron lies a stretch of the Niagara Escarpment called The Bruce Peninsula. Its location borders The Georgian Bay to one side and Lake Huron to the other. The peninsula has both fauna and geological interest. Small towns dot the area and at the end of the peninsula is The Bruce Peninsula National Park and The Fathom Five National Marine Park. Much of this region has numerous opportunities for getting into the outdoors. Natural craggy coastlines, enthralling hikes such as The Grotto, glass-clear waters, relaxing beaches, wreck diving, camping and glamping sites with towns dotted along the way. I expect it would be difficult to not enjoy a visit to this piece of Canada.

Bruce Peninsula, Ontario, Canada

 Photo credit: Flickr – Owner/user: Mike Molea (zenman314)

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