The Map Project

On my (literal) wall is a world map that is almost up-to-date (sorry South Sudan – I purchased it before you were an official country). On this map are 3 letters in green that say “R T W”, a few positive quotes, and in blue gems all the countries I have visited in my life’s tenure. Personaly, I think the map is lacking in gems, however, we know all this will change in December of this year. Woooo! As I sell the majority of my belongings, send my sweet kitty cat to the best care of my amazeballs friend Trina (yes, I said amazeballs) and store the rest I do need to think of the map. It is a history of my travel life. It needs to be updated as I see the world first-hand.

So how will it be updated you ask? Easy enough. I have enlisted the help of three amazing kidlets (actually one of them is a teen so not  all are entirely kidlets, but amazing siblings nonetheless). I have asked these three to participate in my blog. Additionally I will give them my wall map and ask that they mark the spots with my stick-on gems and anything else they deem worthy of a travel wall map. With the wonders of technology I will keep everyone abreast of my travels including my three armchair travelers. I will send them postcards of where I am. They will then not only update my wall map but also pick the postcard place(s) they wish to write about and be guest bloggers! How cool is that?? VERY COOL I must say! So keep an eye out or their posts and the map update.

The Travel Map
The Travel Map

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