Behind the Scenes

Stuff waiting to go
Stuff waiting to go

It has been quiet here on the blog front, yet I have been quite busy. Along with my regular work schedule I have had an indoor yard sale, co-ordinated times for friends buying some of my items and packing up other stuff for donation and/or storage. The latter being the most space and time consuming. Last week I made four donation trips (by foot) to the local Salvation Army. I am lucky it is only three blocks away and that it was sunny weather. This week I am renting a car to run numerous errands including taking my cat to the vet for shots and a checkup. I already miss her yet I know she will be in good care at my best friend’s home. Additionally, I have some phone calls and e-mails to take care of. Since I am self-employed I also need to have my business and personal taxes prepped and dropped off at my accountants office for filing in 2015. Needless to say this is the least exciting part of planning extended travel yet it is necessary. For the most part I like to have things tidy and orderly so it must be done despite the tediousness of it all. Oh! I still need to clean my apartment if I want my security deposit back. That is where my most amazing sister comes in – she’s flying down for the weekend to help me. Luckily I have a small apartment. The final step will be transporting my furniture that I am keeping to my best friends storage unit. There will be gratitude all around for her and my friends helping with the “move”! Needless to say, I would rather be attending farewell parties and last tea dates with friends I will not see for months and months. Alas, the work is not gonna happen by itself. On the plus side I have daily senses of accomplishment from all this work that leads me to my goal.

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