As posted yesterday, there is new exciting developments in the slow but ongoing reports of the Travel Mascot competition). Sources speculate what may come but only The National Questioner has the exclusive story. To update new readers we are re-posting former articles with a final reveal in a few days. Who will it be? Ms Brown or the twin Quatchis? Hold on tight and all will be revealed in due course.


Now for the second installment of this gossip-inducing fiasco:

Sasquatch Sighting!!


Sources confirm that there has been a recent Sasquatch sighting in the Vancouver vicinity. In the late morning hours of Friday April 26, 2013 a civilian came across the furry, blue earmuff wearing creature. She was surprised to say the least. She was quoted describing her alarm: “Well I knew there was one in the area but to find a second one, well I was not expecting that, especially in my closet. Though, being one who adores this particular “breed” of Sasquatch I knew that he was inherently harmless”. 
Our sources have substantiated that the both Sasquatches have been reunited and are cheerfully displaying their Vancouver Canucks flag while wishing the awesome hockey team best of luck in the upcoming NHL playoffs.
As for the world-traveler and up-and-coming blogger Eeva, she now faces the decision of what to do with TWO Quatchis. Here is her story.


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