After much waiting the final chapter in this ever-changing story we have the full reveal of which mascot(s) will be traipsing the world with RTW-traveler Eeva.  Speculation began as far back as January 2014 when Eeva voyaged to the crazy city of Las Vegas, home to one of the famed M&M World stores. There she found a travel-size Ms Brown. In her excitement she purchased the mascot without much thought of the twin Quatchis. Thus started the real competition for the mascot role. Prior to this monumental event the twins were a shoo-in for the role of mascot as Ms Brown was content to avoid  being squashed into an overstuffed backpack. The arrival of her “mini me” changed the situation immensely. Although the twins and mini have been seen frolicking together there is an underlying tension amongst these celebrity ‘frenemies’.

Travel size mascots vying for coveted role
Travel size mascots vying for coveted role

After much deliberation and discussion with all three key-chain sized stuffies a decision has been reached. Emotional talk and opinions have been presented. The consensus has had to be one of compromise and mutual respect.  As planned since the the arrival of mini-Ms Brown, the original is in the safe care of Eeva’s friend Jasmine. Jasmine is free to take her along on fun weekend getaways and girls’ nights at her place. Ms Brown is also centrally located to the owners of Blue and Green (cities of New Westminster & Surrey, respectively).

And now for the big reveal that you have all been waiting for (if bright lights and dancers were available it would be posted here – or you can just go to YouTube if ya really want 😛 ). The official mascot position is a no-brainer as far as Eeva is concerned. The National Questioner has it here, exclusively, in her own words: “It has to be mini Ms Brown. She represents me the best, however, the twins will not be left behind. They will come with me in search of mascot-less travelers who will gladly adopt them. There they can represent Canada proudly as they did in the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. I will also try my best to convince mini Ms Brown that hockey is the best sport in the world. And if she can’t accept that then she’ll eventually get the boot. It’s tough but I draw the line there.”

There you have it. This lengthy battle for mascot superiority has been resolved. All parties are happy and it has been noted that Ms Brown has at least been watching sports. Her time in the living room while Eeva’s dad watched MMA fights has exposed her to this new area of interest. Eeva is confident that she will come to love hockey. The twins have been hanging out in the kitchen drinking tea and looking forward to seeing Toronto next week. And as always, they were never in threat of being cat toys.

Thank you for following us here at The National Questioner. Occasional updates of Ms Brown’s adventures will be posted periodically.

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