The last bit of Canada

Hello from jolly ole England. I have not had much time to write as I have been busy exploring, visiting and recovering from jetlag. It still surprises me how much I can sleep after taking night flights and staying up so I can get my body’s clock to the local time. Fortunately my jet lag has not been a big issue. I have been here in England now for 6 days and off to Paris tomorrow. However, this is my last bit of what Canada held for me.

My time in Burlington and Toronto was relaxing and fun. It was so great to catch up with people I had not seen in such awhile. It has made me appreciate those years long friendships even more and to make more of an effort to keep in touch. I was also happy to see how my friends have grown yet still retaining their mannerisms and quirks.

My friend being herself
More selfies!







Toronto then gave me a challenge – be patient and leave early ’cause here is a dumping of  12 – 15 cm of snow! As I was taking transit to the airport ($3) to save money my otherwise hour trip was extended to over two hours! Part of it was waiting for the delayed bus and the rest was the bus trudging along at a slow pace through the unplowed highways. I had planned to arrive an hour prior to the suggested three hour window for international flights. A wise choice as I ended up arriving 20 minutes later than the recommendation. Still in good time though. Iceland Air was great too. A comfortable flight but delayed due to weather and de-icing of the aircraft. Iceland Air was great and held they held my  connecting plane for in Reykjavik. Others were not so fortunate, alas the nature of travel and inclement weather.

I will post soon about Chester (home town of James Bond actor Daniel Craig) and it’s cool old buildings (a novelty for a Canadian where our history is rather young). Cheers!

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