The Map Project – London

Hi my name is Deklan. I am 8 years old. I like curling. I curl every Saturday. I am SOOOO EXCITED!!! to write on Eeva’s Blog. Eeva is in England right now. She left Belgium and went to England. She went to the big city museum in London. It is called the British Museum. I asked Eeva if she could send me some pictures of mummies. They were really cool. I really liked them. My dad told me the name of the coffin the mummies are in are called sarcophagi. I can’t say that. Thank you Eeva for sending the mummy pictures to me. I really enjoyed them. They were awesome. I bet you had fun at the museum. London is the capital city of England. It is the largest city in Europe. Millions of people live there. Double decker buses look really cool. People travel on buses, subway trains and taxis. The subway is called the tube.

I can’t wait to see all the places Eeva will go next.

An ancient mummy at The British Museum
An ancient mummy at The British Museum

A sarcophagi
A sarcophagi

All photos taken and owned by Wanders The World/Eeva Valiharju

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