Belgrade, Serbia

Oh Beograd, how you surprised me. Belgrade was my “entry” point to Eastern Europe. I spent ten days there as I applied for my Indian Visa at the Indian Embassy there. In that time I encountered such great people. Not only the wonderful people I met from around the globe at my hostel (and it’s wonderful staff) but from people on tours and those helping me out for whatever the reason. Not a typically pretty city from a tourist point of view but a city that keeps moving forward despite its ravaged and complex history. From prehistoric times to the current area this city has been rebuilt over forty times. Its history it not always pleasant but Belgrade seems to be a phoenix of city, coming back to life over and over again.

All photos taken and owned by Wanders The World/Eeva Valiharju

A street in Belgrade

I took a Communist Walking Tour and we stopped here – a reminder of the NATO bombings in 1999 during the Kosovo War

I find beauty in some old abandoned buildings. Near the Sava River, this one was especially beautiful to me

Belgrade’s famous street art mural – portion of La Santa de Beograd

Along the Sava River

Monument to the Jews who lost their lives during WWII

The Millennium Tower in Zemun area of Belgrade (it officially joined Belgrade a number of years ago)

On the Underground Belgrade Tour we stopped at this unused 1948 military bunker that was unearthed several years ago in Kalamegdan Park.

The Gunpowder Warehouse was a storehouse built by Austrians during the Hapsburg Empire within a fortress. It now houses ancient Roman tombs for people to explore. In the 2000s it used to host parties and raves.

Sign outside of Blaznavac Kafe-Bar. A cool place for a drink

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