Looking Back to Move Forward

The good thing about travel posts and blogs is that you can post about them all the time. One can write about future, current or past trips and it is viable; usable. It does not matter that I am not currently traveling.  It is still relevant as people like to know about places. I can tell my tales and share photos while at home. I can give my thoughts.  Time is not the always the factor in this blog. 

This particular post may be a bit of a re-hash of my last one but I need it to be. I need to say to all of you that it is okay for me to dwell a bit on my recent history to be able to look forward. To spur me on to future trips instead of moping that it is over. Although I am still in “mope mode” I know I can use my big trip to plan the smaller ones. And to learn to enjoy Vancouver once again, something that has been difficult since my return. So I will look back in order to move forward. I hope you will enjoy it. 

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