Sunday Special – Northern BC, Canada

Hello! I am back at it. Thank you for your patience as I organized my life (which is still busy yet good). The mass craziness is almost over and despite the upcoming holiday season life is not as chaotic as it was before. I have settled into my new digs quite nicely. It is quiet and fairly roomy. I have issue with lack of kitchen counter space and cupboards made for giants but am working around it. In these past weeks I have even hosted my sister and a friend I met traveling.

Now let’s get to it. My last trip was to visit my sister in the northern area of my province of British Columbia (BC) here in Canada. Although I was only visiting the small town of Terrace I will focus today on the larger region of this stunning province.


Canada is divided into 10 provinces and 3 territories. The westernmost province and place I call home is British Columbia (BC). It is the 3rd largest province and the best one in my opinion (okay, I’m biased). Like the majority of Canada, BC’s population is mainly in the southern section of the province. Although there is less people “up north” there is no lack of natural beauty in the north with its abundance of mountains, lakes, rivers (Skeena River near Terrace is the 2nd largest in BC) and incredible flora and fauna. The area stretches just north of Quesnel to the Yukon and Alaska borders and encompasses the Haida Gwaii Islands (formerly Queen Charlotte Islands). Along with stunning vistas you can also learn about First Nations culture and beautiful art, enjoy the many national and regional parks and some of BC’s history.

Driving through Northern BC is a fantastic way to see the area. Just keep in mind that driving times between areas can be quite long. Summer is the best time as roads are clear. In winter be prepared for slippery conditions and reduced visibility. One can also fly. Many towns have airports that have national and regional airline service.

Natural beauty is the hallmark of BC and the north is no exception. The Seven Sisters mountains provide a stunning backdrop to Hazelton and New Hazelton (and is home of Olympic wrestler Carol Huynh). Near Terrace you can ride the slopes at Shames Mountain for some great powder. Want to do some kayaking, visit a UNESCO World Heritage Site and experience Haida culture? Then visit Gwaii Haanas National Park. Some great hikes through meadows, peaks and valleys be found at Monkman Provincial Park. They even have a stunning waterfall. Many more parks, camping and hiking locales can be found at Hello BC’s website.  Heading even further north is Bear Glacier Provincial Park where you can see the glacier and the basin it has formed.

You can also visit some of the cities and towns throughout the north. The largest city is Prince George (I had sushi there for lunch once). Check out Prince Rupert for some good fishing along the Skeena River (also, the drive along the Skeena River from Prince Rupert to Terrace is quite lovely). The town of Smithers proudly claims it as the hometown of NHL Hockey player Dan Hamhuis. Every August is the annual Dawson Creek Exhibition and Stampede to get your summer into high gear.  A visit to Bella Coola to get away from the hustle and bustle of life is a great way to relax.

Sunset over Skeena River, near Prince Rupert Photo taken and owned by: MiguelB via Wikimedia Commons

Bear Glacier Park, BC Photo taken and owned by Herbmartin2 via Wikimedia Commons

Tree carvings found at Ferry Island, Terrace. Photo taken and owned by Eeva Valiharju/Wanders The World.

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