Scotland Highlights – Part I

I have been here now a few days. I arrived safe & sound into London Heathrow but then that was when the adventures began. I purchased a Heathrow Express train ticket to get me into London in 15 min and then a short Tube ride to Kings Cross Station so I could catch my train to Dunkeld & Birnam by way of Edinburgh. It was gonna be tight but I should have had 10 – 15min to spare. Well that certainly did not happen! Somehow I was put on the Heathrow Connector which is slower by about 10 min AND NOT closer to the Tube station, as I found out. So I was behind and had to go further to make my subway connection. So there I am running around the station like a crazy fool. On top of that I’m sweating from carrying my pack and being out of shape (note to self: join a gym!). When I finally did arrive at Kings Cross Train Station it is 1:56pm and my train is at 2:00pm. I quickly spot a train attendant and ask where do I enter. She directs me down the way and around the corner. I get there and need a ticket or something to enter. In a panic I ask another attendant to let me in yet not making sense. It’s 1:57pm now! Luckily he understands me and allows me in. At this point I run waving my ticket to Platform 2. The attendant by the train asks where I’m going. I try blurt out “Edinburgh” while panting heavily. He holds the door open for me as I scramble on. I look at the station clock and it ticks to 1:59pm. Relief washes over me and sadly, so does more sweat. I’m a mess but I’m on the train! Once I catch my breath I look at my ticket – Car D, seat 27. I’m at the front of the train and have to manoever myself, my backpack and carry-on through three first class cars, the food car (with a cart in the way) and three other cars before I get to mine. Everyone else is all settled in. I get to my seat and it’s taken. I really wanted that window seat. Hmmmm….Yay! I spot another one across the way. I decide to take that one as I shouldn’t be sitting beside anyone anyway , LOL. Despite my close call with missing the train I thank the Universe for letting me catch my train! Ah, travel stories! 

All pictures taken and owned by Eeva Valiharju /Wanders The World 

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