Getting Excited!

Oh my god! I leave for SE Asia 2 weeks today!! The time has come so quickly. Although I have been to Asia before it has never been SE Asia. I have been to South Korea, India, Dubai (UAE) and Turkey (though only on the European side of Istanbul) so this is a new-to-me region. I will heading to Malaysia first and then to Myanmar. I am also hoping to squeeze in a night in Singapore but nothing is set.

My first stop is Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. I have been enamored with the Petronas Twin Towers for years and am finally able to view them with my own eyes. I usually stay in hostels but because of the jet lag and the fact that I am unable to sleep on airplanes I have booked myself a nice hotel. I will tell you about my stay there in another post. After KL I will meet up with a friend of mine and her and I will head off to Borneo (Sarawak area). How cool is that?  After that we haven’t planned much – just ideas. Perhaps Malaca? Maybe Tioman Island or Langkawi. Or tasty food in Penang. Cameron Highlands? Who knows!! Then, when we go our separate ways, I will fly off to Myanamar (Burma) to check out the sites there. I am going to do more planning for that leg as I have less time and want to see certain things, mainly the temples in Bagan. I honestly don’t know what to expect on this trip and that is very exciting.

I will do my best to post here and on Wanders The World’s Facebook page and update photos on Instagram (@wanderstheworld). My usual nervousness mixed with anticipation tinged with some stress is right on target (I have come to expect that feeling so much that if it was not there I would be concerned).

The countdown is on!! Happy travels!!

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  1. Enjoy your trip to Asia! It’s a place I would like to go one day but for now I will continue reading your weekly messages. Look forward to read your experiences upon your return! Always interesting and educational! For me I am just going with my family in Dominican Republic in March and then Vegas in April for a work conference. At least it’s some travel and out of cold winter Ottawa! Lots if snow so far here, it has not stopped since November!




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