Sunday Special – Troödos Region, Cyprus


I like islands. In fact, my “happy place” is an island (that would be Ireland). I’d like to visit many an island in this world simply because it is an island. One of those is the Mediterranean isle of Cyprus. Today we will take a look at its  Troödos Mountain Region which has some interesting things to offer.  

This mountainous area of Cyprus is located almost smack in the middle of the island with the mountains covering most of the western portion. The tallest peak is known as Mount Olympus (not to be confused with the one in Greece) or Chionistra,  locally.  It is home to several ski slopes and resorts that operate January through to April. During the summer months take advantage of the numerous hiking trails and nature walks. Keep an eye out for some of the waterfalls such as Millomeris Falls and Caledonia Falls.  Although there are resorts and hotels in the villages in this area you can get closer to nature by camping in the designated areas in Troödos National Forest Park.  The plant life in the area is impressive, including a number of endemic Cypriot varieties.  Let’s not forget about the animals as well. Several protected species of birds may be spotted so bring your camera. 

For history enthusiasts and the reason I chose to research the Troödos region today is for the UNESCO World Heritage Troödos Region Painted Churches. I am fascinated by religious buildings despite not being religious myself. Perhaps due to the combination of art and architecture, two things that I appreciate. And that budding photographer in me likes to photograph them.  Ten Byzantine monasteries and churches make up this world heritage site. The artwork within the buildings are specific to Cyprus and unique to this particular region of the island. 

Kykkos Monastery (a painted church), Cyprus – Photo credit: Gerhard HauboldKykkos 01 CCC BY-SA 3.0
Troödos  Mountains, Cyprus – Photo credit: Tech broTroodos MountainsCC BY-SA 3.0
Millomeris Waterfall, Troödos Mountains in Cyprus – Photo credit: DickelbersMillomeri waterval in troodosgebergteCC BY-SA 3.0


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