Sunday Special – South Africa (Thrill Seeking Activities)

Travel encompasses many areas and there is no shortage of things to see, do, and experience in this wide world of ours. Sometimes you want to so something that really gets the adrenaline pumping and adds that extra zing to your travel escapades. Since we are all different the level of “extreme” will vary from person to person. While I consider ziplining fun and not scary at all, another may find this is well out of their comfort zone. To showcase much of the variety of adrenaline-inducing activities I am adding the “Thrill Seeker Edition” to a few Sunday Specials now and again.

Since I mentioned ziplining that is what we’ll look at today.  We are going to head to South Africa where there is no shortage of aerial parks to get a different perspective on your surroundings. So where can you careen at top speed on on a pulley  and cable while feeling the wind in your face and view the tops of the trees below? This is what I found:

  • Canopy Tours South Africa – With 7 locations across South Africa you can experience Canopy Tours throughout the country.  Their locations include Elgin (outside of Cape Town),  in the Magaliesberg Mountains (outside Gauteng), and  KZN Midlands (outside of Durban).
  • SA Forest Adventures – Offering several types of adventures to choose from you can go with the zipline and other adventures. They have 3 locations in the Western Cape: Cape Town, Hermanus, and Caledon.
  • Storm River’s Tsitsikamma Canopy Tour & Zipline – The first zip line in South Africa their lines traverse through Tsitsikamma Indigenous Forest.
  • Zip 2000 – One of the world’s longest, fastest, and highest ziplines, this one sure to get your adrenaline on high. It is located in Sun City.

If you want the to glide through the air in South Africa you have plenty of choices!

Flying through the trees in Tsitsikamma, South Africa – Photo credit: South African Tourism from South Africa, Canopy tree top tours, Tsitsikamma Forest, Western Cape (6253205746)CC BY 2.0

*Note/Disclaimer – The decision to participate in high risk activities is a personal choice. Always research the activities and know the risks. Wanders The World is posting only for informational purposes and is in no way responsible for the choices made by anyone reading these posts.

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