Sunday Special Thrill Seekers – Micro Light Flying Over Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is on my bucket list. This incredible natural wonder that is bordered by both Zambia and Zimbabwe looks spellbinding! In fact I featured it here on Sunday Special a bit ago. Today I am featuring it as a thrill seeker post since there are a plethora of adventure activities that you can take part in. While seeing the falls would be spectacular on its own some of us may want to experience it with a rush of adrenaline too. 

Some of the activities you can participate in include tandem skydiving, helicopter tours,  zip lining (including flying fox zip lining), gorge swings, the Devil’s Pool (swimming on the edge of the falls), white water rafting on the Zambezi River, and even canoeing along the calmer parts of the river. That is plenty of adventure and memory making. Today however, we will take a closer look at micro light flying over the falls!

Micro light flying, sometimes called ultra light flying, came about as a motorized variation of hand gliding.  Though the classification of “microlight” and “ultralight” aircraft can have a wide range, many of the planes have open cockpits, 1 – 2 seats, and either flex or fixed wings. Sounds incredible for those who want to see the wonder of the falls from a perspective like no other. A number of operators offer 15 or 30 min flights in mainly flex-wing planes allowing for breathtaking views of the thundering falls below. What an awe-inducing experience!  

**Please note: I was unable to find photos of microlight flights over Victoria Falls that I could share with attribution. The photo below is of a microlight aircraft so you can see what it is. I do suggest a Google search of this activity in Victoria Falls if you want a visual. 

A microlight aircraft flying high – Photo is Public Domain (Adrian Pingstone (Arpingstone), Pegasus quantum 15-912 microlight g-byff kemble arp, marked as public domain, more details on Wikimedia Commons)

*Note/Disclaimer – The decision to participate in high risk activities is a personal choice. Always research the activities and know the risks. Wanders The World is posting only for informational purposes and is in no way responsible for the choices made by anyone reading the posts.

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