The Last Little Bit of Jordan

Well I am back to regular life and right in the thick of it. It is my busy time at work so that is my main focus for the next several months (gotta fund my travels). I hope to get Sunday Special back on and also a few other posts as well. Please bear with me! πŸ™‚

After Wadi Rum we still had adventure ahead of us. Our group’s last stop before returning to Amman was in the south of Jordan, in Aqaba. Here we spent a perfect afternoon aboard a boat aptly named “Freedom” while cruisin’ the Red Sea. And for those of us who wanted (and I wanted) we could snorkel with the fish. Additionally, from this area we could see Israel & Egypt across the way. Heading a bit further we could also see Saudi Arabia. This section of the Red Sea is a confluence of nations.

Soon the group tour was coming to a close. We headed back to Amman and had our final farewell dinner (& some shisha) the next night. I still had two days so I did some sightseeing, shopping, and took a cooking class. At the cooking class (on a patio kitchen) we enjoyed our dinner and were able to see part of a Jordanian wedding ritual next door. The bride was being picked up the groom and friends where she was serenaded and celebrated. What an unexpected treat!

The Red Sea!
Our boat – Freedom
Heading out to sea.
Enjoying a Jordanian beer.
Dinner in Aqaba.
I really enjoyed the food in Jordan. These cheese stuffed appies were so tasty.
When in Amman one should visit Hashem for the best falafels!
Again, best falafels EVER!! πŸ˜‹
So many spices!

Shops along the street
Our G Adventures final dinner
The Jordan group
Strawberry flavoured shisha πŸ˜‹
Visiting Amman’s Citadel – history upon history as many ages have left their mark here
A number of Roman ruins
The Temple of Hercules
The Monumental Gateway / Entrance, built during the Umayyad Period (the first Muslim Dynasty)
The interior of the Monumental Gateway. I love this building.
The hand of Hercules
Next it was off to the Roman Amphitheatre.
Ms Brown taking it all in.
An interesting museum beside the Amphitheatre houses clothing & jewellery of the Bedouins.
They are everywhere. LOL
Saw a bit of the famous Rainbow St
Group cooking class at well-known Beit Sitti Cooking School & Restaurant
We prepped those!
Looks good and smells even better
Musakhan Um Azmi finished and ready to eat. So tasty it was. πŸ˜‹
The dinner I helped make.
My new Pandora charm, my souvenir for the great trip!

All photos taken and owned by Eeva Valiharju / Wanders The World

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