Camino Update

Hello from Spain. I am here on the Camino de Santiago, walking with the goal of reaching Santiago de Compostela. To be honest, it has been a very real challenge. The climb through the Pyrenees Mountains was far tougher than I imagined. Not so much the uphill but the downhill. And blisters. And a sore knee. Now a sore leg. It’s. Never. Ending. I’ve had a real challenge with this journey. A few forced rest days and now one by choice as my body is begging for it. Each day I ask myself if I should quit. I haven’t said no yet. Very close to it but still going.

I have also had incredible kindness shown to me, far more than I expected. Yesterday I decided to list something nice each day. Each day does have its little joys. Simple things like eating my breakfast of bread and cheese in a vineyard or seeing an incredible sunrise. Having lunch on a field with sheep or enjoying a beer and conversation with other pilgrims. Encouragement from home is wonderful too.

And finally I have realized I don’t take enough breaks. I walk for 3 hours before stopping most days. Because I am so slow I keep trudging ahead. Though maybe if I took more breaks it would help. I think my body will appreciate that.

I will write much more later, mostly once I return in October. In the meantime here are some photos.

All photos owned by Eeva Valiharju / Wanders the World.

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  1. Eava, I am in awe of your journey. Truly…Somedays I can truly only walk a block…You are doing it girl. Maybe not in the way you thought or hoped, but you are doing it. If you need a break, take it, enjoy it. Yes, stop more often, smell the roses, or the sheep poop! I think that the Camino is not only for physically, but most importantly spiritually and mentally. Focus on that..

    Also, question. What is that symbol that looks like a half sun with the “fingers” fanning out.

    Take care of you, always, do what your body says and stop fighting it. Go with the flow.


  2. Yes, more breaks. You’ve only got one body. Enjoy the journey, however far, in as little discomfort as possible. So said one old woman


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