My Camino, My Way

My last post showed photos up to the halfway point. This post will show the second half right to Santiago de Campostela. Yes, to the end. Which means I did it. I freakin’ did it!! At the start I wondered if it was even possible for me to achieve my goal. I had such physical difficulties and a mental space of questioning my ability to complete this walk. I had hoped to finish as I had planned to from the beginning – walking every step of the way. The reality was not to be so. There were portions that I had to bus or taxi ahead. In the beginning I struggled with that fact a great deal. In my mind I had was convinced that it would be cheating or incomplete if I used motorized vehicles on this trek. I learned quickly though, that does not matter. Not one iota! Everyone makes the Camino their own. My Camino involved walking 600 of 779 km and that is pretty d*#n good if you ask me!! Somewhere along The Way the enjoyment came upon me, little by little. Much of it in the form of encouragement from those at home (you know who you are), my fellow pilgrims, and the earth around me. I found my stride. I experienced more joy than I had thought possible. It seeped into my being, bit by bit. A gentle wave that caressed my soul and my heart, gave me strength and gratitude for the simple act of placing one foot in front of the other. Time seemed to move slower on foot. A pace where you can take in the beauty around you and in you – seeking out the details, cherishing the company of those around you, and relishing the simple joys. If we let it, life can be the same.

All photos owned or taken by or for Eeva Valiharju / Wanders the World

León on a rainy day
Good craft beer at León ‘s Four Lions Brewery
Encouragement along the way
The path before me
A statue dedicated to the pilgrims
This view was described as “not terrible” 🙂
Camino markers are abundant
Such beauty
Oh those sunrises
Misty fall mornings
Entering the province of Galcia
The town of O Cebreiro
The view from O Cebreiro
Just a rooster hanging out
Villages and towns along the path
A unique beer garden
This pilgrim enjoying her Peregrina beer
Signs with messages
Entering Santiago de Compostela!
Celebratory whisky and beer
It’s official!
The Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela at night

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