Sunday Special – Sedona, Arizona, USA

Today’s Sunday Special is a place that is high on my bucket list – the American southwest town of Sedona, Arizona. Even one of my all-time fav songs is called “Sedona” by Houndmouth (click the link to watch their video). Photos of Sedona’s red rock terrain have enraptured my mind for years. It’s proximity to the Grand Canyon also makes it a place where I can see myself wandering and making good memories.

Cathedral Rock in Sedona, Arizona – Photo credit: Tomas Castelazo, Cathedral rock sedona arizona 2CC BY-SA 3.0

Sedona, a town of approximately 10,000 people is located in the north of the state of Arizona, about 46 km / 29 miles south of the city of Flagstaff. The South Rim of the Grand Canyon is approx 395 km/ 245 mi north of Sedona. This makes it a an area that is great for roadtrips! Though it appears that Sedona is popular with visitors in its own right. Lets see what it offers.

Nature is what comes to my mind first and foremost when I think of Sedona. The geology of the region is made of of the sedimentary rock called red beds due to high amount of ferric oxide wtih Sedona having a unique layer red sandstone called the Schnebly Hill Formation. This geology results in eye-catching vistas of ridges, buttes, and valleys of stunning oranges and reds against the blue of the sky. Although mostly grasslands and shrubs in the interior area, Sedona’s Great Basin is a woodland home to mostly coniferous trees. Secondly, I think of the history of the area, which has had a human presence for thousands of years with remnants of Paleo-Indian life found. The Archeaological sites of both Anasazi and Sinaguan peoples can be explored at Palatki Heritage Site and Wupatki National Monument. And Native American influence of the Apache, Hopi, and Navajo peoples can still be seen today. Finally, I think of exploring and enjoying the outdoors in this area. Hiking is ever popular with trails of every level. Along with the majestic scenery there are birds and wildlife that one can spot while walking and trekking the area. Activities such as mountain biking, horseback riding, rock climbing, fishing, rafting and ATVing are common as well. In the evening you can simply look up and be awed by the star-filled night sky. In fact, Sedona is a recognized International Dark Sky Place (ISDP) where they are acknowledged for implementing lighting in a way to help reduce light pollution.

From all I have learned so far, there is much more to see and do in Sedona in addition to what I have mentioned above – wellness retreats and workshops, art communities, organized tours, wining and dining, visiting the energy vortexes, and seeing national parks. It would seem that one may be hard pressed to be bored in this small yet vibrant area.

Honanki Ruins, Sedona – Photo credit: Brady Smith; Coconino National ForestHonanki Ruins near Sedona (4106778293)CC BY-SA 2.0
View of Sedona, Arizona – Photo credit: On^ste82, Sedona – panoramio (1)CC BY 3.0

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