Sunday Special – Samoa

About hafway between Hawaii and New Zealand you will find the mostly unspoilt Polynesian island country of Samoa. Made up of two larger islands and several smaller ones, it is a country that still retains much of its Polynesian culture. The capital of Apia is located on the island of Upolu, the second largest island, after Savai’i. Apia is the only city in Samoa.

Samoan sunset – Photo credit: TeinesavaiiFalealupo sunset, SamoaCC BY-SA 3.0

Fa’a Samoa means “The Samoan Way” and is the heart of the country, keeping with traditional culture and customs that have helped retain their authentic heritage. A close connection with family is integral to the Samoan way of life with everyone having a role to play. Their traditions have lasted thousands of years with only soome influence from the Christian missionaries of the past.

Not only filled with culture and tradition, Samoa boasts natural beauty as well. Noticeably missing is the over-abundance of high-end resorts thus retaining the island-life appeal. As volcanically formed islands it has mountains, caves and natural pools, lush vegetation and serene beaches. Savai’i also has solid lava beds that you can explore as well as some blow-holes ready to spray you with water. With natural elements, vibrant culture, authentic foods and warm weather Samoa seems to be the right mix for a getaway. I think I’ll visit soon.

You can swim in this natural pool – Tu Sua Ocean Trench, Samoa. Photo credit: Simon_sees from Australia, To Sua Trench (6932911180)CC BY 2.0

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