Back in Canada Amidst COVID-19

As you learned from my last post, I had been in Ireland. When I left for Ireland COVID-19 was mainly in China and Italy with few cases in Canada and elsewhere. Clearly that changed at break-neck speed. All things changed. In the end I cut my trip short, arriving back in Canada the day before our Prime Minister announced that effectively our borders would be closed. Currently I am in self-isolation as a precautionary measure. It’s day 5 and I continue to feel well and healthy, albeit a bit bored. Hopefully, I have not acquired the virus nor passed it on.

Naturally there are many emotions that come to the surface, each one of us reacting individually. Upon arriving home I had made the decision to not post anything on this blog, to barely post on my associated Facebook page and Instagram account. It felt misguided to write about recent travels or destinations around the world while staying inside is the recommended course of action globally. I imagined it would be petty to post of our wonderful world when we can’t even go see it. That doing so would be disrespectful. I was saddened.

Then I realized, mostly through the lens of others, that it wouldn’t be disrespectful. That it could give one occasion to smile on seeing a slice of beauty that is so abundant in our world. Something for travellers and future wanderers to ponder and await. A short reprieve from such a dreary situation. A world beckoning, lingering in our minds until that time we can explore once again. To share beauty and awe. We have much to show gratitude for and keep hope in our souls and spirits. These next posts will be my feeble attempt. It is my hope that they accomplish this, to provide joy.

All photos taken and owned by Eeva Valiharju / Wanders the World

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