My Cliff Walk in County Wicklow, Ireland

During this time of the COVID-19 I will periodically post about my recent travels and travel ideas. Take care, stay safe, stay inside.

During my most recent trip to Ireland I was keen to meander along the Bray Head Cliff Walk, also known as the Bray – Greystones Cliff Walk. It was the name that piqued my interest – CLIFF WALK. It sounds so very dramatic and spectacular. Beautiful it certainly is. With fencing along the path and a well maintained and clear trail I felt quite safe. Only a short area is uneven and rocky. It has a gradual ascent up to 130 m. And the views of the Irish Sea, the county’s coastline, and the rail tracks below give it an incredible beauty.

View of Bray Head from Bray Promenade, County Wicklow, Ireland

The towns of Bray and Greystones are not far from Dublin by train or car. Since I did not rent a car or have someone drive me I opted for the train. The trail can be started in either town. I chose to begin in Bray and end in Greystones. From Dublin I simply walked to Tara Station (in Central Dublin), purchased my ticket from the machine and hopped on the next train. Forty-five minutes later I alighted in Bray. Exiting the station, I walked approximately 3 minutes to the Bray Promenade, which is easy to spot, mainly due to much of the train crowd headed in that direction. The trail’s starting point of Bray Head is easily in view, being roughly 1 km / .62 mi from the train station. Along the promenade you can see many of the lovely buildings of Bray and the park land beside you. At one time Bray was a popular seaside resort where many relaxed and played. At the start of the cliff walk the land begins to rise slowly, giving wanderers a lovely view of Bray behind them and the rail tracks and Irish Sea below. Information signs are dotted along the way giving some historical and natural info as well as distance markers. When approaching Greystones the landscape changes to beaches and grasslands, the trail still a bit inland. Once the trail finishes it is approximately 1.5 km / .93 mi or so toward Greystones Train Station, taking you right through town. During my sojourn I stopped to have a late lunch at The Happy Pear where I thoroughly enjoyed a lovely plant-based meal. Once sated I walked to the train station and headed back to Dublin. During my walk back to my accommodations (and not far from Tara Station) I stopped in at Off Beat Donuts.

Distance: 6km / 3.72 mi though add about 1 km / .62 mi on each end from to walk through each town
Difficulty: Moderate – maintained path with clear signage
How I got to there from Dublin:
DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transit) train from Tara Station to Bray Station and return from Greystones Station (or vice versa). Tickets can be purchased from ticket machines at the stations using cash or card.

All photos taken and owned by Eeva Valiharju / Wanders the World.

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